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CCC Energy can source loans and grants for businesses throughout the UK, helping them to invest in renewable energy and sustainable technologies. Find out if you're eligible.
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Chamber Low Commerce Grant

Are you a Lancashire based SME? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Save money? Drive energy efficiencies? CCC energy can help you start your Low Carbon journey today!

What is the Chamber Low Carbon Grant?

There are 2 stages to the Chamber Low Carbon Grant:
1. 1-2-1 Business Support: CCC Energy can help businesses reduce their utility costs by exploring ways to improve efficiency and reduce consumption. This grant gives your business access to 2 days of energy consultancy, which includes:
– Energy Audits
– Advice & Guidance for your energy efficient or renewable project
– Behavioural Change Training
– ISO14001/50001
– Net Zero Carbon and Carbon Footprint Analysis
– Access to financial support

2. Funding Towards Your Low Carbon Project: Once we establish an innovative plan you can get between 30% and 50% to help cover the cost of installation of:
– LED Lighting
– Solar Photo Voltaics
– Solar Thermal
– Biomaa
– Anaerobic Digestion
– Small Hydro Power
– Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps
– IR Heating
– Variable Speed Drives
– Voltage Optimisation

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