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CCC energy use our vast experience to highlight energy savings at your business.
Energy opportunity assessments

By reviewing your energy usage we can highlight big energy savings, often 30%

After reviewing your operations, we can present analysis of your energy use and an action plan to save. Our work will examine the current usage of energy and make a recommendation to lower it, with carbon technology.
We will show you exactly what the savings will be and the costs to install.
We will show you lost savings in £, Co2 and kW.
We will indicate the return on investment.

During the survey, our trained professionals will ensure all suggested technologies are site & use specific goals and objectives of the energy opportunity assessment and tailor our reports to meet those needs.

It is our job to present options for discussion. We love to be welcomes back to discuss our findings and further clarify if necessary so that you can make the best decision.

What your assessment will provide:

  • Recommendations and estimated savings per annum.
  • Estimated CO₂ and kWh savings per annum.
  • The estimated cost of implementing each recommendation.
  • A quick summary for other stakeholders.
  • Your recommended next steps, including renewable technologies which could suit your business.

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Energy opportunity assessments

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