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CCC Energy are proven experts in energy legislation compliance and can help your organisation report on SECR with ease.

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Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR)

We are here for your organisation for the first compliance year or every year going forward.


Minimum Energy Efficiency
Standard (MEES)

We advise clients on all aspects of MEES Compliance. Challenge our team to find you the most cost effective solutions.



Don’t keep paying crazy KVA Surplus Charges, let us show you how to reduce these annoying costs. Send us a bill, we’ll show you!



We’re a friendly & knowledgeable bunch; Let us have a no obligation meeting over coffee (Or green tea if you prefer).


That confident of our abilities,
We created & built the UK’s first
zero energy cost business park

Armstrong Point uses state of the art low and zero carbon
technologies to provide huge energy savings to all tenants.
We want to help you with your next site or refurbishment.

Armstrong Point Case Study

CCC Energy

About CCC Energy

CCC Energy helps businesses reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, generate their own energy through renewables and embrace & comply with all environmental legislation.

Our experienced team was formed in 2008, with the main aim of helping businesses increase their bottom line and reduce their carbon emissions at the same time.

About CCC Energy

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