Save Money And Grow Your Business
Through Energy Sustainability

CCC Energy can help your business reduce carbon emissions,
save energy costs, and pass energy assessments.

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Energy Savings Opportunities
Scheme (ESOS)

We have 10 years’ experience with ESOS audit and compliance. Our assessors will identify opportunities for energy reduction across your entire business, demonstrating where and how you can cut costs, and become fully compliant.


Minimum Energy Efficiency
Standard (MEES)

All private rental properties must have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E. We’ll help you to improve your properties’ scores, and increase the value of your rentals.



If your business’ energy usage keeps exceeding your KVA allowance, we can help you understand your usage, and avoid or reduce KVA charges.



We love meeting new people over coffee! If you have any questions about how we can help you, get in touch and we’ll arrange a free, no obligation consultation.


We created the UK’s first
zero cost energy business park

Armstrong Point uses state of the art green technology to provide
huge energy savings for tenants.

Armstrong Point Case Study

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About CCC Energy

CCC Energy works with businesses to reduce their carbon emissions, save energy costs, and pass energy assessments.

Our experienced team was formed in 2014, with the main aim of helping businesses increase their bottom line and reduce their carbon emissions at the same time.

About CCC Energy

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